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Is your neck or back aching from sitting at the computer all day?

Sedentary office work is a leading cause of discomfort, pain and lost productivity. Most employees don’t know how to setup their desk properly or the risk factors that can lead to injury. Give your employees the knowledge they need to stay healthy and be productive.

This training is for desk workers who need to be comfortable, stay focused and maintain productivity to be successful at their jobs.

This training, suitable for groups of all sizes, is normally 60 minutes in length but can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. It is available in-person or virtually.

How it works

Gain insight into why employees feel pain at the office and take action now so they can feel and work at their best!

Identify pain-causing trouble spots with workstations and equipment then quickly modify the setup to erase pain.

Take the first steps to increase restorative movement and healthier work habits that will refresh energy and improve well-being. 

Receive an easy-to-understand workstation setup checklist and stretching guide designed to keep employees comfortable and productive while working.

Participate in a customized Q&A session with our ergonomics expert and also learn beneficial stretching techniques to eliminate strain.

Add on

Get personalized advice with a one-on-one workstation adjustment as part of our Group Office Ergonomics Tune-up offering to ensure each person’s workstation fits like a glove!

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