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A workers compensation claim for a musculo-skeletal injury costs $60,000 on average. The hidden costs of lost productivity, turn over, retraining, poor morale, not to mention the negative impact on employee health, mental health and family life are up to 5 times greater.

We offer a range of ergonomic services for any business seeking to improve culture, boost employee engagement, increase wellbeing, and lower injury costs while driving business performance. We work with key stakeholders including HR, Operations, Occupational Health and Safety, IT and Facility Managers to help proactively safeguard employee health. 

How it works

Since 1998 we have been implementing customized and effective ergonomics programs; these have saved our clients millions of dollars. ErgoPrime can help you to implement a new program or enhance your existing program. We will:​

Identify and assess risks within your organization to give you greater efficiency and productivity.


Develop customized policies, programs and effective interventions to reduce costs and absenteeism related to injuries and pain.


Integrate practical, cost saving ergonomic solutions into daily operations and business decisions, so you get and sustain better health outcomes.


Train and educate managers and staff at all levels to help shape a company culture of health.


Give advice on facility design and layout for improved processes and work environments.


Measure results and help you plan workplace improvements to achieve your ergonomics goals and maximize the return on your investment in ergonomics.


ErgoPrime tailors ergonomic services to ensure the health of your employees is fully protected. Some of our most in-demand services include:

  • Office ergonomic screening software
  • Ergonomic risk assessments for office and occupational settings
  • Ergonomics injury preventing seminars and self-help tools for office ergonomics, home office setup, safe lifting, and more
  • Ergonomic wellness and healthy movement seminars
  • Advice on remote work policies and healthy practices
  • Evaluate new furniture and products to aid in creating healthy work environment on-site or at home
  • Warm-up stretching ensures your industrial athletes are ready to work

ErgoPrime works with you to develop the right ergonomic initiatives for your needs and helps you manage them for success.

Take the first step toward creating a healthier and more productive workplace. Contact us to learn about how we tailor our services to meet your exact needs.

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Home office furniture standards resource list

Transform how you work at home

Remote work is now well-established in many organizations today. But many people working from home are suffering with pain because of inadequate home workstations.

Who it's for

The Home Office Furniture Standards Resource List is for businesses, government departments and managers with employees that work from home or remotely and require a comfortable and productive computer workstation.

How it works

We work with you to create a go-to reference list of appropriate ergonomic desks, chairs, and peripherals to make it easier for your employees to select the best furniture and equipment for their remote workspace and stay within your budget.


This allows all your employees to have a safe and productive work environment no matter where they are located.


With this pre-approved resource list, you can support the wellbeing of your remote workers, make purchasing quick and easy, and offer it as a perk when attracting and hiring top-notch staff.


Contact us today to get started on your customized 
Office Furniture Standards Resource List.

Furniture & product evaluation

Create the perfect workplace. Inspire wellbeing

Health-conscious organizations know the value of ergonomics in the workplace. But how do you decide on the right furniture, equipment, and arrangement for your situation?

That’s where ErgoPrime’s furniture & product evaluation service comes in.

Savvy companies are realizing how much furniture and equipment can influence work performance. That's why we can also work with your interior design team or builder at crucial stages for workspace concept development, workstation design, and furniture selection to deliver productive workspaces that suit your budget.

Who it's for

This service is for businesses, government departments and managers with employees, and applies to existing office spaces, new office spaces, or offices undergoing a remodel. It will help increase productivity and usability for all of your employees.

  • You get an unbiased evaluation of desks, chairs, equipment, and office layout that results in a custom selection of product options that fully meet your needs.​​
  • This proactive measure will reduce workplace injuries and increase office usability and work output.
  • Employees will appreciate that a company culture of well-being is a demonstrated priority.
  • Ergonomic practices also improve employee focus and creativity in the workplace​.

How it works

We meet with you and your team to discover your needs and expectations for your current office, or your new or renovated workspace or equipment.


We review your workplace design and suggest usability and sit and stand options to help avoid strains and pains associated with poor positioning of monitors, keyboards, and other equipment.


You receive a short list of recommended chairs, furniture and equipment to test. All chairs offer ergonomic functions as well as beautiful form. And we help you to select the best items for your situation.


We help you finalize your selections and source equipment to get your team feeling their best as soon as possible.


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