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How Ergonomics Created Better Health Outcomes and Lower Injury Costs

Returning to Work Sooner, Reducing the Lost Time Injury Cost by About $30K

How Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Reduces Costs

Case Study

Returning to Work Sooner, reducing the lost time injury by about $30K


A leading global manufacturing company


Better health outcomes and lower injury costs


A world-leading optoelectronics manufacturing company had an expensive injury problem with a manufacturing station that was negatively impacting employee health and the bottom line. 
Unfortunately, they were not aware of the full extent of the problem which had cost over USD$375,000 in the past 3 years. Demand for their product was skyrocketing and expansion plans for the production facility were in the works, which would magnify the under-assessed injury problem.

The Challenge

The company’s Health & Safety team requested an ergonomic assessment to help return an injured employee to work sooner and reduce the cost of this particular lost-time injury. 
When ErgoPrime looked into the injury history, we realized the problem ran deeper than just one injured employee.
The line supervisor had been rotating workers out of the job when they reported pain, which resulted in constant, costly job training to keep the line running. 

Injury Experience and Cost Review

  • 28 work-related injuries in a three-year period
  • ​​3 lost time injuries costing USD$ 220,000
  • ​​USD$156,000 in worker replacement and training costs
  • ​​Approximately 40% of workers were experiencing discomfort or pain
  • ​​Workers were rotated out of the job within six months on average, due to pain

The upcoming facility expansion was unknowingly about to make the expensive mistake of replicating the injury-causing workstations, which would lead to an even more serious injury problem that would cost the company millions of dollars.

The Solution

Through working closely with the manufacturer to understand their business, goals and how they operate, the larger hidden injury problem was revealed.

ErgoPrime determined that it would be much less costly and more effective to improve the ergonomics of the workstations before the expansion.

Our Approach

Our ergonomic risk assessment found that critical workstation dimensions were too small for 95% of workers.
Pain-causing postures were quickly leading to productivity loss and injury.

We worked side-by-side with the manufacturing engineers to develop a customized ergonomic solution for the workstation that allowed the workers to use healthier postures and improve their performance. 
We built a business case for upgrading the ergonomics of the workstations for the facility expansion that was fully supported by management. 
We followed and measured the impact of the ergonomics changes one and two years later.

The Results

  • The initial injured worker who was assessed returned to work sooner, reducing the lost time injury cost by about $30,000
  • The cost of upgrading workstations was recovered in only 1 year
  • 2 years later, no new injuries had been reported
  • The team now consists of happy, healthy, high-performing employees

The Added Bonus

The manufacturing engineers started asking for ErgoPrime’s input during the development of new workstations because they valued our expertise and collaborative approach. They realized that ergonomics is good for business and great for their people.

When companies work with us, we help them integrate customized ergonomic solutions into their daily operations and business decisions, so they get better health outcomes and sustained success.

ErgoPrime’s cost-effective solutions 
keep people & profits healthy.

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“ErgoPrime’s involvement in return-to-work cases has enabled us to get injured employees back to work quickly. The monitoring program ErgoPrime put in place has ensured recommendations were properly implemented and positively influenced the employee’s recovery.”

Marie Faulkner, Facilities Manager
Natural Sciences and Engineering
Research Council of Canada

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