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Remote Ergonomic Assessment and Coaching Services for People Working From Home

ErgoPrime's remote ergonomic services help protect you from injury, increase comfort and boost productivity.  We have provided remote ergonomic assessments across the country!

Remote Ergonomics Coaching

A 20-minute one-on-one video conference coaching session with a certified ergonomist focused on improving your temporary home office setup using what you have available.  Practical advice for immediate improvements, safe working postures, and equipment you can buy if you are interested. A report will not be provided.


Remote Ergonomic Assessment

Our Certified Ergonomist will work with you via video conference (45-60 minutes) to optimize your remote or home office setup, boost productivity and reduce the risk of discomfort and injury.  We will walk you through quick, immediate improvements, recommend longer term solutions for equipment/furniture, and provide coaching on healthy posture and habits. A report summarizing the recommendations and where to get beneficial ergonomic products will be provided by email.

How it Works:

1.  Complete a short questionnaire on symptoms and work demands.

2.  Send pictures of your workstation setup

3.  Provide your availability for the assessment and we will confirm a time.

4.  Participate in the virtual assessment and we will email you the report.


Remote Ergonomic Follow-up

After you have implemented the recommendations, a follow-up can be done to ensure appropriate changes have been made and provide additional coaching. 


Make your home office more comfortable. 

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